Whether it’s a question of a career choice, preparing for an interview or just getting to understand yourself and your sources of motivation better, a tool exists to help you: Nova Profiling.

Nova Profiling identifies how and why an individual acts the way they do and the methods they use to get there. Nova is based around three strands that seek to develop a better self-awareness: the DISC system of William Marston, the work of Spranger on personal motivation and that of Carl Jung on psychological profiling.

Thanks to Nova Profiling, you will be able to get a better overview of your strengths and weaknesses and how to utilise your natural resources in order to progress. This self-awareness tool can be used on its own or serve as a base for Coaching sessions.

Determining your Nova Profile is simply a matter of completing a questionnaire on-line and then booking a follow-up session with a Nova specialist. During this meeting (of one and a quarter hours) you will be given a thorough explanation and interpretation of your Nova Profile. You will also be handed a 30-page document summarising your profile and giving you the chance to examine it in more depth at your leisure. A number of supplementary exercises based on your natural talents and your own style of communication will enable you to develop a more rounded profile.