Your interest in Coaching has brought you this far, but the details, perhaps, remain rather vague. What Is Coaching, exactly and why might you decide to turn to a Coach?

Resolving to make changes and even identifying goals is all very well, but it’s far too easy to lose focus, become demotivated, lack discipline or to run out of steam – all assuming you knew where to begin in the first place!

A Coach is there to accompany you on your journey, keeping you on course and helping you attain the goals that you have set yourself.

Coaching allows you to work through your blocks and to emphasise your strengths. It can help you to optimise your strong points and positively direct your emotions, allowing you to communicate more freely and bring out your full potential. Through Coaching, you’ll learn to find the solutions that suit you best by making the best use of your own personal resources.

In a session, a Coach poses pertinent questions and listens attentively to the responses. This is how the Coaching process works, taking place within a strict ethical framework set by the certifying body and according to principles of mutual respect, trust and consideration.