International Mobility :

The domain of expatriation has greatly evolved over the last couple of decades, especially when it comes to the support services offered by businesses to expatriates and their families. Coaching eases the difficulties faced by each individual during the process of adapting to a new international environment, helping them to get the most from the experience, both personally and professionally.

A Coach specialised in expatriation and with long-term personal experience as an expat will be an invaluable asset for your employees taking this step.

Comités d’Entreprises :

Coaching has tended to be reserved by businesses for certain key posts, but it can be an asset for all employees. Everyone benefits from identifying and using their full potential to enhance their skills and attain their goals. Coaching has an important role to play in improving the way we experience the work environment and enhancing well-being, both professionally and personally.

By providing this invaluable support in self-awareness and self-management to all salaried staff – and by including Nova Profiling in the services offered – your HR Department and your Comité d’Entreprise will be at the vanguard of contemporary business practice.