As a Coach, I see my profession as a natural extension of my twenty five years of experience in H.R. During that time I was in charge of expatriation within several large companies and consultancies. My personal and career path also led me to discover other cultures and to experience first-hand some of the issues particular to expatriation. Now based in France, I grew up in a mixed international environment in Tunisia and also experienced life as an expat in the U.K. for over five years.

I have come to believe in the intrinsic value of one-to-one coaching – accompanying a process, not leading it – particularly in the area of international mobility. Today, I assist expatriates and their families face the challenges and changes of expatriation, before, during and after their period abroad.

I am an ACC Coach (Associate Certified Coach), member of the ICF (International Coaching Federation), trained in Neuro-linguistic Programming (certified practitioner of the IFNLP) and a certified consultant of Nova Profiling.

Mehdi Sioud